Whenever people and groups from the Islands travel, they are among the best ambassadors of the Aloha Spirit. This unique site was created as a place for us to share with each other our travel plans, and perhaps along the way find opportunities to help one another when we travel outside the Islands and Share Aloha.

If you or your group are traveling outside the Islands to promote Hawaii and Share Aloha, we encourage you to submit your event information here. When approved, it will be added to this special Travel Calendar. In addition, HVCB's Global Ohana (educational or cultural groups) will post events.

There are times when items may be needed to exchange with other groups, so an added benefit of the program is an opportunity to request promotional items from HVCB.

We look forward to learning more about what you're doing - please join us in Sharing Aloha!
Non-profit organizations from the U.S. Mainland and Hawaii may request HVCB promotional items to share at an upcoming activity or event.   If you want to know where others from the community will be, search here!   If you are traveling to an event outside the Islands, you can share information about your activities here!
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